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Behind every great product is a great story. Our story begins during one of many of life’s transformations that happen to us all. UniqueLife was designed to focus our energies into accepting the transformations.

We often have more power that we are willing to see, and we waste time and energy resisting change, with our eyes fixed on the past. We wanted to design a beautiful, bespoke and luxury product for use during a time when we needed guidance to help with the transformations.

KATARINA BENES – Founder and Managing Director

Story Begins

Our first idea was to create the incense stick holder. You would say, nothing special, you can find them anywhere on any site in the whole world. But our incense stick holder carries its own story. We are going to encourage you to focus on your wellbeing, happiness and own meaning of SUCCESS.

ONE of the most important parts of our product is bespoke mirror glass four leaf clover. plate. There are four steps which can bring you closer to your SUCCESS. We are starting with EMOTIONS. Feel them. Recognize them. How do you want to feel? We move to consider your GOALS. What do you really want? Do you want to reach your goals? Understand that during this process we all make MISTAKES and that is part of our journey. Still not there? Pause and CONCENTRATE. 

AS YOUR INCENSE STICK is burning, clear your mind, relax and observe. The Universe will guide the ashes to drop, over the area on which you must focus. Focus is the key to productivity, because clearing your mind to every other option unlocks your ability to accomplish the one thing that is left.

JUST AS A caterpillar emerges as a beautiful butterfly, humans too experience metamorphosis several times in our lives. Not physically but psychologically. Any transition requires you to focus on your identity. Therefore, we are here! Cocoon yourself with unique Life and allow this beautiful creation to encourage you on your journey to SELF-IDENTITY! Find the moment in our busy lives to clear your mind and feel your emotions, focus on your goals, mistakes and concentrate on your success. What is the SUCCESS? Yours can be health, your kids, family, new job, perfect partner, new car, peace, love, holiday or just to be visible and to be heard.

Our Mission

  • A life long relationships
  • Committed 24/7 customer support
  • Understand and respect customers value

Our Vision

  • Help to discover self identity
  • Help to find peace of mind
  • Offer a better lifestyle

Our Values

  • Inspire customers mind
  • Unique, luxurious and quality products
  • Competitive and progressive company