Wearing jewellery to enhance one’s look is something that has been followed for many centuries. However, most women limit themselves to wearing jewellery only during wedding related functions. They shy away from styling their everyday outfits with jewellery and this holds true especially when dressing for work. This is primarily because women are concerned about choosing the wrong type of office wear jewellery and thereby coming across as being too loud and flashy

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Before you decide on any outfit or jewellery, first understand the vibe in your office. If your office is more conservative on their dressing, you may not want to draw unnecessary attention to yourself by dressing completely different from the rest. On the contrary, you may want to experiment with your looks if the crowd at work is more liberal with their fashion approach. That said, everyone has their own unique style and the key is to stand out from the rest of the crowd without coming across as the odd one out.

Figuring out what the vibe at your office

Gone are the days where you focussed just on what clothes you wore to work. Office wear jewellery come in handy when you want to add that little edge to your work attire. While choosing your office wear jewellery, always keep in mind that your clothing and jewellery work as a medium to convey to your co-workers that you are a smart professional who is well put together.

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Most women prefer a minimalistic look while dressing to work. Wearing a pair of small earrings or hoops is the best way to style yourself if the minimalistic look is what resonates with you. If you want to take it a step further, you can complete your look by wearing teaming it with a chain 

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If you like a bolder look and like being a little adventurous with your style, you may consider wearing one statement piece which can also be your go-to office wear jewellery. This could be a big bracelet, or a layered necklace or a big pair of earrings. Team your statement office wear jewellery with simpler or minimal pieces like a pair of delicate earrings or a simple necklace with a gemstone pendant- just to add that little sparkle to your neckline without being too flashy.

Always ensure that your other jewellery pieces do not distract and take the highlight away from your statement piece. Adorning yourself with too many pieces of jewellery will not only make you look loud.

It is best to save your big pearls and big studded jewellery pieces for other occasions. If you do wish to wear it to work, consider wearing it to a client meeting or an office lunch or conference.

Avoid wearing stacking bracelets or bangles or anything that jangles to quiet locations like to meetings where you need to present to the client or to your colleagues. The noise that it would make when you move can be distracting and annoying to others in the room

While there are no set rules when it comes to wearing office wear jewellery, it is always better to keep some best practices in mind while dressing for an office environment. Each one of us have our own unique style and the key is to bring this style out without coming across as to loud. A key point to remember is to keep things simple and classy when in doubt.


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