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Everywhere in the world, stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to everyday life experience. We are pushed and pulled in all directions from work, friends, family and society. How often do we take time out to focus on ourselves and find our identity?

Stop for the moment and remind yourself, your mum or dad, wife or husband, daughter, son, grandparents, friend, or neighbor that…


Word from the founder of uniqueLife

White Sage and Lavender combine in these sticks for a highly aromatic experience, creating a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere and enabling a greater ease of relaxation.

There are a lot of articles where you can read about proved and scientifically not proved benefits of incense sticks. I remember my grandmother used to go to the forest to pick some herbs and I also remember stories of many people telling me how to use them. Most of the time she brought natural SAGE and Lavender and she used to say to me: “you will have a good sleep!” I did not know WHY? But she explains. Lavender may help you to relieve body tension and stress, increase your focus and creativity. Sage may dispel negative energy, improve your mood, clean and purify the air…

So many years after, I was looking for this kind of combination on many websites, contacted people in India, China, Bangladesh and Thailand. My research finished in Vietnam. We found the company who create for us Artisan handmade sticks which are rolled incense Lavender and Sage oil fragrance. All product is made from 100% natural ingredients – Lavender, Sage powder, Round bamboo stick and Joss powder.  The best incenses in the world are mostly handmade. This is traditional process; it is very labour intense, but this produces some of the finest incenses.

There is less and less time to really focus on ourselves and find time for our self and our identity. We are very often talking about the PAST and all the time concentrating on the FUTURE. Where is the PRESENT?  It is missing in many of our lives.

Dear customer, it is the right time anytime. NOW it is time to tell you and anyone closest to your heart: YOU ARE UNIQUE. The best three words which can surprise you, the best three words, which can prove your confidence and best three words, which can say all to someone you LOVE.

The gift you really want to buy this year


Crystal ball incense holder with bespoke mirror glass four clover plate

This product helps you to reach peace of mind

This is your STORY, your TIME, your SUCCESS

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